For all existing referees, please ensure you contact the Soccer Co-Ordinator as early as possible this year to ensure that we can enrol you in the League Referee Clinic - the date of this will be set as soon as is possible. Since 2012 we have introduced a system for you to get paid for your games. On the site now we have a form that you can download to fill in and get signed after each game, and hand in at the end of the season. This should help to make things clearer for everyone.

You can download the form here.

If you are not already a referee, Onoway Soccer is always in need of referees to officiate in games at all levels from Under-8 to Adult. Ideally we would like to have as many certified referees as possible in order that we may be able to have a full team of one referee and two linesmen/women officiating at each full-field game, and a referee and one assistant at each small-field game. Also, this will help to share the games around as much as possible so that no-one becomes overloaded, and we have back-up in the event that any official cannot make it to his/her game for any reason.

Want to join us this season? Read the following FAQ.

How do I become a a certified referee or assistant referee?
Parkland League will be running a referee clinic before the start of the season. The soccer co-ordinator will enrol you in the clinic, and then you are good to go.

How old do I have to be to be a referee?
Parkland Community Soccer League requires that all game officials be at least 12 years of age. The league's only other stipulation is that referees must be older than the age group playing in the game in which they are officiating.

So the kids can ref then?
Absolutely, as long as they take the clinic and subject to the age regulations mentioned above.

Im coaching though, and my kids are playing, so we probably can't be referees can we?
Yes you can be that's not a problem. You just won't be officiating in your own team's games - unless in an emergency. The referee clinic is actually held on the same day as the coach clinic so you can attend both classes together.

So where will I have to go to referee my games?
Usually just to Onoway (or currently to Grasmere School in Alberta Beach during our temporary relocation there). We are only responsible for providing the referees for our home games, although occasionally another community may ask for help if they are short of referees. However, since 2014, Onoway and Graminia have had an agreement whereby games between the two were played at Meridian Sports Park near Stony Plain, and the two communities have shared the responsibility of providing officials for these games.

Can I work off my volunteer commitment by refereeing?
No, referees are paid a fee for officiating at games.

How much do you pay referees?
Currently, we pay $20 per game for refereeing and $10 per game for officiating on the line. Keep a record of how many games you have officiated in on your game log form (see above), and at the end of the season you will receive a cheque for the amount that you are owed.

Well this sounds like a great idea! What do I do next?
Contact Mark at 780-818-1907 to let him know you are interested and then he will contact you with details of the ref clinic in due course.

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