Usual equipment required for Soccer is as follows: Team Jersey, shorts, soccer socks, shin guards and suitable footwear.

The team jersey is provided by Onoway Soccer, and there are a limited number of pairs of shorts available for the younger age groups. These items must be returned to Onoway Soccer at the end of the season, via your team manager. Families will need to provide the remainder of the equipment for their children. If you or your child wish, track pants or sweat pants may be worn instead of shorts.

The only mandatory piece of equipment required at all levels by the Parkland Community Soccer League is the shin guards, which must be fully covered by either socks or pants. Any player not equipped with these will not be permitted to play, and the referees will generally check this before most games.

Regulation soccer shoes are optional, but no metal or pointed cleats, nor baseball cleated shoes are allowed. Please bear in mind that in certain conditions, such as when the field is damp, running shoes may not give a very good grip when running and kicking the ball.

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